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Cara Memperbaiki Flashdisk Yang Tidak Terdeteksi atau Tidak Terbaca Komputer

*Flashdisk yang tidak terdeteksi atau terbaca oleh komputer biasanya mempunyai beberapa kemungkinan permasalahan. Seperti Driver USB yang belum diinstal , flashdisk yang disable atau mungkin juga kesalahan sistem pada komputer dalam membaca flashdisk. Akibat yang terjadi adalah flashdisk tidak mau dicopy filenya, atau mungkin flashdisk tidak bisa ter format. Nah pada kali ini saya akan memberikan solusi untuk menangani flashdisk yang tidak bisa terbaca atau terdeteksi di komputer tersebut dengan beberapa cara :

Install Driver USB

Permasalahan yang terjadi biasanya karena driver usb belum diinstal, hal ini terjadi biasanya setelah komputer di instal ulang ( inul )biasanya driver usb juga ikut terformat, dan untuk mengembalikannya kita harus mengsintall kembali drivernya.

Disable Device Manager

Permasalahan kedua adalah device manager yang di disable, jika begini kita harus mengembalikannya menjadi enable, untuk mengembalikannya yang harus kita lakukan adalah klik kanan MyComputer > properties > pilih tab hardware > device manager. Klik tombol (+) untuk membuka disk drive yang ada, kemudian pada drive yang ada tanda silang merah klik kanan kemudian pilih enable.
atau  flashdisk sudah enable tapi tidak terbaca oleh komputer

Maka uninstalah flasdishk anda lalu masukan flashdisk anda maka akan terbaca,
Silahkan di Coba
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Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

Update CosmicBreak 5/30

Thurisaz Garapon


Back at the Angel Academy, more school characters make their appearance in the Thurisaz Garapon! This time we find Jace, Eve, and Momiji showing off their school uniforms, and hopefully adjusting to their new "relaxing" school lives. Hang in there guys!


     Thurisaz Campaign!

For every Jace or Eve any player obtains from the new Thurisaz Garapon, they will receive a Cosmo Harmonics OMEGA! This counts for multiples of each robot, or individuals as well!


The Thurisaz Garapon will be available until 6/6, so happy rolling!


7-Day Special Campaign!


The 7-day Special Campaign is actually a collection of three different campaigns, all of them only one week long, and all put together! The campaigns we will be having are the following:

    Rt Charge: 5% BONUS!

All players who charge Rt through one of the many available sources will get 5% more Rt as part of this bonus! Not all services will apply.

    Union Wars Battle Campaign!

Play multiple matches in Union Wars to get Rt!
- Participate in 10 battles: Get 10 Rt
- Participate in 20 battles: Get 20 Rt
- Participate in 30 Battles: Get 20 Rt

- Each prize means getting the amount of Rt listed above as well. For example, if you play 30 battles, you will get 50 Rt total!
- Team Fight and Training Room matches do not count towards this total.
- It will not count if you join mid-match, you must play each round from the beginning!
- All Rt will be delivered after the event has ended.

    Material Exchange 2x Bonus!

For the duration of this bonus event, when you exchange Tune Up materials at Ouka's store, you'll get twice the points!

All of the listed campaigns end on 6/6, so be sure to take advantage of them while you can!


Clan Fight System UPDATE


Clan Fight is a new game mode that allows clans to compete against each other every week! Check it out by clicking on the Clan Fight Info button underneath Epoch Battle on the Arena menu.

The Clan Fights scheduled for next month will be 6/2, 6/8, 6/16, 6/22, and 6/30 at 19:00 - 20:30 server time. To participate, register your team from the Clan Fight screen after the event has started. Teams that register will be automatically matched up with each other.

For more information about prizes and more specific rules, click here.


Weekly Garapon


This week's Weekly Gara features a selection of popular robots from Garapons past.


UC to Rt Purchase Limits Reset!

Buyable Rt Price
1 - 10 Rt 700 UC per Rt
11 - 20 Rt 1400 UC per Rt
21 - 30 Rt 2100 UC per Rt
31 - 40 Rt 2800 UC per Rt
41 - 50 Rt 3500 UC per Rt

UC to Rt conversion has been activated for another month with all purchase limits reset! The next UC > Rt reset will be on 6/27, so make sure to buy all 50 Rt before then!



    - Quests have been shuffled.

    - Star Coin Shop purchase limits have been reset!

    - The Hero Level Up Campaign has ended as announced, we will send out the prizes shortly!

    - Eve's melee Feather Bit will now inflict stun when dealing damage to enemy robots.

    - Eve's E.V.E. Archetype's RUIN SWORD interval has been lowered.

    - Bug in which the Union Wars BP gauge and time counter would remain displayed after matches when the "Fix UI size" option is checked before increasing screen size, has been fixed.

    - Bug in which transforming parts would not display the transformation properly when the Skin Editor's transform box was checked has been fixed.

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Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

Connection Keeper

Connection Keeper mencegah koneksi internet Anda muncul idle atau tidak aktif. Ia menggunakan ini hampir tidak ada sumber daya bandwidth atau sistem.

Jika koneksi terputus, Connection Keeper yang secara otomatis dapat memanggil kembali masuk Connection Keeper dapat bahkan secara otomatis mensimulasikan tombol klik untuk menutup jendela popup (seperti menanyakan apakah Anda ingin tetap terhubung).
Dowload Connection Keeper klik Disini
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Update CosmicBreak 3/21

Hello from the CosmicBreak Service Team. This week's maintenance is complete, thank you for waiting!


Mega Garapon


Welcome everyone, it is time once again for another Mega Garapon! As the main feature for this Mega Garapon, we are proud to introduce trained sniper Rinka Lynx and chainsaw wielding Kururu Gladd to the Cosmic Ark! Also featured in the Garapon will be many of your favorite characters from past garas, so don't forget to roll for any characters you missed back then!

In addition to being in the Mega Garapon, Rinka Lynx is also available in the shop with a different weapon and hair color for 100 Rt, and 150,000 UC.


The Mega Garapon will be available until 4/25, so happy rolling!


BONUS: UC Weapon Garapon!

In addition to the Mega Garapon being released today, we are also announcing the addition of the UC Weapon Garapon! This garapon will allow more players access to a greater variety of weapons! The UC Weapon Garapon will cost 10,000 UC per roll, and features a very large variety of weapons to receive!


The UC Weapon Garapon is only available for a limited time, and will be removed on 4/4.


Spring 50% OFF Sale!


To celebrate the new season, All Rt robots and many Rt items in the shop will be on sale for 50% off! All of the items are already set to the new prices, so all labels in the shop currently show the newly reduced prices.

Important Notes:
    - Lupette Rowel, Rinka Lynx, and Kururu Gladd's Spike Shooter, will not be a part of this sale.
    - Even items that are for sale for both UC and Rt, only the Rt price will be on sale.
    - Garapon roll prices are NOT included in the sale.

The sale will last until 4/25, so please do not be afraid to take advantage of these deals before then!


Material Exchange 2x Bonus!


For the duration of this bonus event, when you exchange Tune Up materials at Ouka's store, you'll get twice the points! It will only last until 4/4, so be sure to get those bonus points while you can!


Clan Fight System


Clan Fight is a new game mode that allows clans to compete against each other every week! Check it out by clicking on the Clan Fight Info button underneath Epoch Battle on the Arena menu.

Like Epoch Battle, Clan Fight only occurs at certain preset times. The next month's Clan Fights will be on 3/2, 3/9, 3/10, 3/16, 3/23, and 3/30 from 19:00 to 20:00 Server Time. To participate, register your team from the Clan Fight screen after the event has started. Teams that register will be automatically matched up with each other.

Clan Fight Details:

    - Clan Fight teams consist of 5 to 10 clan members. Up to 2 teams from the same clan may enter.

    - Clan Fight matches have a maximum Commando cost limit of 3000, and a minimum per-robot cost limit of 500. In other words, the entire cost of your Commando cannot exceed 3000, and each robot in your Commando must cost at least 500.

    - Teams whose numbers of members differ by 3 or more will not be matched against each other. If enough players from one team disconnect to create a member number difference of 3 or more after the matching has been decided but before the match begins, the team with fewer members will receive a stat boost.

    - After a Clan Fight match, each member of the winning team will receive 2 Clan Coins.


About Clan Coins:

Clan Coins can be traded in for fabulous prizes, including a selection of brand new parts! To trade in your Clan Coins, talk to Kuten Jikun Long near the Clan Counter.


Weekly Garapon


This week's Weekly Gara features a selection of popular robots from Garapons past. Enjoy!




We will be holding a Bazaar Event this Saturday (3/23) from 0:00 Server Time to 24:00 Server Time. Trade away stuff you don't need and pick up anything you do!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since the addition of Bazaar to the game, we have been receiving an increased number of reports regarding accounts being stolen and/or cleared out due to password sharing. REMEMBER, NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD!!! If you lose items/robots from your account because you told somebody else your password, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to help you, especially if the incident involves said items being traded away via the Bazaar. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Happy trading!



    - Quests have been shuffled.

    - Cosmic Premium Pack has been updated and now contains much more valuable prizes than it did before. Check it out!

    - We are currently aware of a bug in which if you equip a weapon into Rinka Lynx's right arm she will be unable to exit Sniper Mode. We are planning on fixing it during an unscheduled maintenance soon.

    - Diana D'Eclair and Shana have been removed from the Regal Garapon as previously announced.

    - Lupette is now allowed in the Beginners Channel, and has thus been added to the Beginners Channel Shop.

    - Some of the parts from the White Day Event that were unusable in the Beginners Channel have now been made usable.

    - Bug in which the final stage of Haku would sometimes display incorrectly has been fixed.

    - Bug in which Lupette Rowel LG would display unusual polygons has been fixed.


March Event Schedule

(Click to enlarge)

Check above for the March Event Schedule! All times are Server Time (PST).

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Selasa, 19 Maret 2013


CfosSpeed adalah software yang berguna untuk menyeimbangkan koneksi bandwith dan ping,namun kelebihanya adalah dapat di setting sesuai selera, dan untuk para gamer online pasti memilih ping yang rendah, dan saya ingat aplikasi ini kurang berguna di Modem Wireless.

Download CfosSpeed klik Disini
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Update CosmicBreak 3/21

Hello from the CosmicBreak Service Team!

Some important reminders about this week's maintenance:


New Mega Garapon!

We are happy to announce that on 3/21 we will be revealing a new Mega Garapon! There will be many characters that you know and love that will be made available again in this Mega Garapon, and of course there will also be some new ones, such as...

snipergirl.png    chainsawgirl.png

Stay tuned for 3/21 when we will release the new Mega Garapon, with more info about the girls above, and what other characters will be featured in the Mega Garapon! Don't miss it!



    - In addition to the Mega Garapon, we will be adding a new UC Weapon Gara too.

    - Shana and Diana D'Eclair will be removed from the Regal Garapon as announced, so be sure to get in there if you haven't gotten them yet!


3/28 Balance Update

We're planning another round of balance adjustments for 3/28, based on the feedback we have received since the 2/28 balance adjustments. The main things that we plan on changing this time are as follows:

    - Sway will be adjusted to make it harder to repeatedly dodge attacks.

    - Performance of Ivis's CHAIN GUARD will be reduced.

    - Force of Flapjack's AM weapon when transformed will be reduced, and the Interval for his TAKE OFF will be increased.

    - Length of the Auto Repair extension effect given from Rone's Extend Support ability will be shortened.

    - Targeting abilities for the Wonder Bits of Misty Raven, Lucca Decho, and Persenachia will be reduced.

    - Rate of fire for Monica's Payrocket will be reduced.

    - Performance of Kagura's Exorcism Bow's highest charge level will be reduced.

The adjustments listed above are still only planned adjustments, and may be changed further before they are implemented on 3/28. As always, we hope that our balance changes will help to level the playing field and make CosmicBreak a more enjoyable experience for all players. Thank you for your understanding!

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PES 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 bisa disebut juga PES 2013 ini adalah game sepakbola yang berbasis auto (cara maen nya tidak selalu manual), tidak seperti Fifa yang cara maenya manual. Kali ini saya akan update PES 2013, Semoga menyenangkan bagi anda yang mau mendownload.

Download PES 2013 klik Disini
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